Backwater Artists Group

Backwater Artists Group
Backwater Artists Group
Wandesford Quay,

5:00pm - 8:00pm

021 496 1002


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5pm – 8pm: Studio tours every half hour.

5pm – 8pm: Exhibition in Studio 12 project space: Ungrounded: Artist’s experiences of residencies and exchanges featuring artists.

5.30pm – 6.30pm: Meet artist Cassandra Eustace in the courtyard (5.30pm) for some experimental drawing on the subject of turning troublesome rubbish into art. (Adults and children age 12+).

6pm – 7pm: Casting workshop for kids with Ben Reilly (Ages 6-12 yrs). Booking essential. Max 12 persons.

6pm – 7pm: The BAG Darkroom will present a demonstration of traditional photographic printmaking by Darn Thorn: Members of the public will be invited to have their portrait taken and then witness the image come to life under the red lights of our new Darkroom facility.


Backwater Artists Group