Cork Centre For Architectural Education

Cork Centre For Architectural Education
Cork Centre For Architectural Education
Nano Nagle Place

6:00pm - 9:33pm


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Exhibition / Screening

Official opening of new building for CCAE Architecture School, and the opening of the Master of Architecture Exhibition will be the highlights of our Programme.

Visitors can view the new building and see an array of drawings, models, and films by the Masters students that describe their design proposals for the city of Venice.This year the Master of Architecture students have been considering Venice under the thematic of “Next City Mythologies” which is understood through to Hans Hollein’s claim at the 1996 Biennale (Sensori del Futuro) that architects are sometimes predictors and ” seismographs” to creating near city futures.

Part of our objective this year was to begin to understand Venice as a city that is a once “anti-moden” – but also a place where myths are continually made or made about – from Marco Polo’s account of Venice and Europe to Kublai Khan, to Venice becoming a sort of mythical surrogate parent to John Ruskin (and he becoming a foster child of the city), to Peter Eisenmans’ mythologizing of Le Corbusier’s Venice Hospital Project, to John Hejduck’s allegorical Venice Trilogy. And, it is these abilities – to sense, interpret, and radically engage a place in a time of imminent risk to the city that is both social and ecological – that has preoccupied us during the year as we began to (re)imagine Venice in new and different ways.


Cork Centre For Architectural Education