City Hall – Millennium Hall Foyer

City Hall – Millennium Hall Foyer
Cork City Hall – Millennium Hall Foyer
City Hall, Eglinton Street

6:00pm - 8:00pm

021 492 4042


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Music / Performance
Workshop / Demo

UCC Confucius Institute presents an evening of Chinese traditional cultural events including Chinese Paper-cutting, Chinese Kungfu, Chinese fashion show and Chinese tea.

Workshops will run from 6pm to 8pm and all are welcome. Times are as follows:

6pm – 8pm: Display of Modern China, Including brief introduction of modern cities, historical sites, basic knowledge on Chinese cultures, etc.

6pm – 8pm: Discussion and workshop on Chinese Calligraphy.

6.30pm – 8pm: Chinese Kung fu workshop and show.

6pm – 8pm: Workshop on Chinese paper cutting.

6pm – 8pm: Chinese cheong(qipao) show and Chinese fasion photography.

6.30pm – 8pm: Appreciation of Chinese music and dance.


Cork City Hall – Millennium Hall Foyer