Bookshelf Coffee House

Bookshelf Coffee House
Bookshelf Coffee House
78 South Mall

6:30pm - 9:30pm

086 855 0364


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A Conversation Salon Reclaiming Face-to-Face Conversation in the Digital Age Reviving the Art of Conversation in the 21st Century. Strictly over 18’s.

Are you tired of small talk and would love a real conversation? We all know how good it feels when we have a truly satisfying conversation with someone. You feel energised, inspired and understood. Wouldn’t it be great to have more of that?

Conversation Salons are relaxed informal café style gatherings that bring together all different kinds of people to have uplifting enriching conversations about a whole range of various topics. They are friendly welcoming events where you meet new people and get to hear different opinions and ideas.

We want you to:

  • Talk to people you know
  • Talk to people you don’t knowv
  • Talk to people you never talk to
  • Be intrigued by the differences you hear
  • Expect to be surprised
  • Treasure curiosity more than certainty

The human need to connect, be heard, tell our stories and share our experiences is very strong. Modern life seems to have eroded many of the spaces or places or environments where such conversations took place. Conversation Salons are about creating new opportunities for life enhancing encounters and exchanges. Over tea and coffee in small groups choose from an enticing conversation menu of thought-provoking questions and let the conversation begin. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters! Hosted by Niki Williams.


Bookshelf Coffee House