Graffiti Theatre

Graffiti Theatre
Graffiti Theatre Company
Assumption Road, Blackpool

4:00pm - 6:00pm

021 439 7111


Child friendly?

Booking required?
Yes - 021 4397111 or

Wheelchair Accessible?

Children's Event
Literature / Poetry

Fighting Words Cork at Graffiti Theatre provides free tutoring and mentoring in creative writing to as many children and young people as we can reach.

In this one-off workshop for 8 to 10 year olds, we will create a book, complete with original characters and illustrations during a two-hour workshop. Delivered by a team of volunteer writing tutors, the workshop will take place at Graffiti Theatre in Blackpool. If the cranky editor, Mrs McConkey, can be persuaded, each child will receive a free copy of the book they create together to take home.

With a maximum of 25 participants this two-hour writing workshop is a fun, inclusive and creative approach to story telling.

Please note this workshop is strictly bookings only, and please arrive on time!


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