Old Cork Waterworks Experience

Old Cork Waterworks Experience
Old Cork Waterworks Experience
Lee Road

5:00pm - 9:00pm

021 494 1500


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It is curious to reflect that Cork, a merchant city surrounded by water, might once have thirsted for fresh water to drink and that the solution came from a “little republic”, to be found just a short walk from the city centre. For this is a lesser told story, a behind-the-scenes secret, yet an essential ingredient to the prosperity of Cork City’s rapidly growing population in Victorian times.

Arriving at the Old Cork Waterworks on the banks of the River Lee, you find handsome red sandstone and limestone buildings and a towering chimney, monuments to that same Victorian civic pride that left architectural legacies across Cork City. Inside, exploring interactive exhibits and touring the Steam Centre, Boiler and Engine Rooms where giant restored machinery gleams, you discover three centuries of industrial heritage, including the Victorian steam-powered scheme masterminded by architect/engineer Sir John Benson, much needed to update the city’s antiquated water supply.

So the story keeps flowing, as does the Old Cork Waterworks, with exhibits looking to the future in a city built on water in more ways than one.

Please note tours of the engine and boiler rooms are limited to 20 persons and available every 30 minutes, for more information on how to book see www.lifetimelab.ie


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