Old Town Whiskey Bar at The Bodega

Old Town Whiskey Bar at The Bodega
The Bodega
St. Peter’s Market, Cornmarket Street

5:00pm - 9:00pm

021 427 3756


Wheelchair Accessible?

Music / Performance

Come to old town, for a special Culture Night menu at The Bodega.

Enjoy traditional arts and music, check out a family friendly short film or two if you don’t have much time to spare, or enjoy a live taste of musical theatre from the upcoming show at the Everyman, October 18th, ‘A Night on the Town’ in aid of Cork Samaritans in association with Denis Eivers, RSVP and Cork City Musical Society. Whatever time you have to spare, we will have culture for you to consume, but we do hope you will organise to have your dinner at the Bodega, while enjoying the ongoing free performances.

RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) has joined us at The Bodega before, and we are delighted to host them again this year, what a great Culture night for you to enjoy in Cork’s famous Old Town. Traditional Irish music on the terrace for all those passing by to enjoy, as well as the chance for our Culture Night friends to stop for a drink, or a bite to eat without missing out on the night’s events. We are excited with this year’s culture menu, and we always offer a few surprises.


The Bodega