CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education

CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education
CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education
9 – 10 Copley St.

6:00pm - 9:30pm

021 429 8401


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This year the Master of Architecture students have been considering Athens under the thematic title PERIPHERAL[c]ITY. The focus this year is on the idea and complex conditions associated with the “peripheral”, and looks to question how this term might be understood conceptually in order to define the relationship between Athens and its adjacent territories – smaller towns, its own Port City-Piraeus and the Greek Islands, the relationship of Athens as a edge-city that oscillates and challenges the central socio-political conditions of the EU; and more widely – as a condition within the city itself that challenges and re-configures our understandings of the Classical/Modern/Post-Modern City at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The question for us will be how to understand, anticipate, and engage some of these fluxing agencies in the peripheral – that allows us to envision new city-bodies relationships through new spatial and technological amalgamations, new institutional mis-alliances, and new proto-synthetic environments.


CCAE Cork Centre for Architectural Education