City Hall Millennium Hall

City Hall Millennium Hall
City Hall Millennium Hall
Terence Mac Swiney Quay

5:00pm - 7:15pm

021 492 4042


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Join us for Murroch an Currach presented by Dowtcha Puppets. Set on Oilean Aran we follow the adventures of young Paud and his magic Currach, Murroch. Written by Mike Lynch.

Having saved the faerie wood from serious harm, Paud’s dad uses the the hewn timber to make a currach for his young son. To show his gratitude, the King of the Faeries invests faerie powers in this boat and charges it with the safe-keeping of young Paud. Murroch’s many powers include talking to the animals, control of the wind, the ability to travelon land and underwater and to communicate telepathically with Paud.

Join us in this first of their adventures, as Murroch and Paud race against time to wake the sleeping lighthouse keeper and save the big yacht race from danger.

Shows at 5pm and 6.30pm, 40 minutes approx. Ages 5 to 10. The 5pm showing will be ISL interpereted


City Hall Millennium Hall